About The Council

Council consists of a Mayor, six Council Members and our Fiscal Officer, who is appointed by the Council.

Tontogany also has a part-time Village Administrator (also appointed) overseeing the needs of the Village.

You should feel free to contact any one of us at 419-823-9013 or via email at tontoganyvillage@frontier.com.

Council Meetings

Council meetings are scheduled for the first and third Mondays of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Village Hall, with the exception of Monday, September 3, which will be cancelled in observance of Labor Day. View our event calendar.


Please do not feed stray or feral cats. It only encourages them to return.

Please shovel snow from sidewalks within 24 hours of a snow storm, in order to provide a safe path for school children and all pedestrians.

Brush and leaf removal are provided on scheduled days determined by Council. NO BRUSH or LEAF removal is handled by resident request. Notices on dates/times are available at the Village Post Office and on the event calendar.

Meet The Council

Mayor Matthew Shanahan

Matt Shanahan was born in Toledo. He is a graduate of Toledo Central Catholic High School (1990). He later attended the University of Toledo, obtaining a bachelor's degree in Recreation and Resource Management (2003). Matt works for The Home Depot Distribution Center in Van Buren Ohio. Prior to Home Depot Matt has Spent 25 years in the NonProfit industry running year round youth camps, The Boy Scouts of America, and Fundraising.. Matt is active in the community serving as the President of the Otsego Elementary Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and coaching Tontogany Baseball for 8 years.

Matt is serving his first term on Village Council, and is a member of the Parks and Finance committees. Matt’s goal is to bring the community together through better communication and transparency.

Matt and his wife Katie moved to Tontogany in April 2004. They have two boys, Danny and Jackson who attend Otsego schools.

Ryan Harnishfeger, Fiscal Officer

Ryan is a native of Indiana, born in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1950. He grew up in the small Indiana town of Hudson, Indiana, about the size of Tontogany. After graduation, he worked for 24 years in the Materials Management Department of the Fort Wayne State Developmental Center. In 2000, Ryan moved to Ohio and began working full time as a bookkeeper and office assistant at a motorcycle dealership. Full time eventually became part time and he applied for extra part time work as a utility billing clerk for the Village of Tontogany in 2010. In 2011 he began to train for the fiscal officer position for Tontogany. He trained for one year with former Fiscal Officer Sherry Wallace. In March of 2012 he was appointed to the fiscal officer position for the Village of Tontogany and has been doing utility billing and fiscal officer work for the village from that time to the present.

Chad Johnson, Administrator

Chad graduated from the University of Toledo College of Engineering. He is now retired and has a son, Brandon, and a daughter, Logann, and three grand children.

Councilwoman Brenda Mackey

Brenda is a native of Ashland County, raised on a dairy farm there. She attended BGSU, receiving her BS in Education in 1972, and has lived in Wood County since. Brenda and Ron have resided in Tontogany since 1981 and raised their two sons here.

She taught English and served as a school library-media specialist for 32 years, 25 of which were at Otsego Schools in both the junior high and senior high school. She retired in 2015.

She enjoys serving in her church, biking, gardening, sewing, and reading, as well as traveling to Virginia and Texas to spend time with children and grandkids.

Brenda is serving in her 8th term on the village council. She is always willing to listen to questions, opinions, and complaints, and she welcomes your presence at council meetings.

Councilwoman Connie Mehring

Connie has lived in the Village of Tontogany most of her life. She went to Otsego schools, and raised her three children with Mel here. They have four grandchildren and three great-grand children.

She has provided child care to a number of families over the years, and loves helping others in any way she can. She is a member of the Tontogany Presbyterian Church, and has volunteered regularly at Otsego elementary school for four years.

Connie is serving in her fourth term on village council, and is always willing to meet and listen to village residents.

Councilman Mark Smith

Mark is a native of Waterville and a graduate of the University of Toledo. Mark and his wife Hannah began residing in the village in 2013. Mark is serving his first term with council and currently serves the village on the streets and alleys committee, the sidewalks and trees committee, and the city hall and parks committee. Mark is honored to have the opportunity to serve the residents of Tontogany and would like to encourage his neighbors to reach out if they have questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Councilman Jamin Roe

Jamin has been a resident of the Village of Tontogany since 1993. He graduated from Otsego High School in 1997 and was the President of the Otsego FFA in the same year. He is married to Melissa Roe with two stepchildren: Tanner (16), Anika (13). His hobbies include fishing, grilling, and attending dirt track races.

Councilman Damon Lee

Damon Lee was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and graduated from Cleveland Heights High School in 1996. During that time he became an All-State Soccer Player and later attended Bowling Green State University. He later graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor of Communications Degree with a Minor in Marketing.  Currently he is an inside sales rep at Daymark Safety Systems located in Portage, Ohio.

He is married with 3 kids and currently lives in Tontogany.  DJ has been his main hobby and blossomed into a side career in the  wedding DJ business called DJ Diamond Lee Music Entertainment. He is a parishioner at St. Aloysius Church in Bowling Green and is a regular helping his church with their retreats. "I believe in equal rights for everyone and have a passion for issues concerning the disenfranchised"

This is his first term and is eager to help this community. I encourage you to reach out to me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. Residents are the heart of a strong community.

Posted Ordinances/Resolutions


Ordinance 944-21
Amending Net Metering & Billing Policies

Ordinance 943-21
Permanent Appropriations

Resolution 941-21
Honoring the Service of Orville Buehrer

Resolution 940-21
Honoring the Service of Kirk Shank

Ordinance 939-21
Electric Rates and Fees Increase

Resolution 938-21
Repair, Replace Village Sidewalks

Resolution 937-21
Accepting Amounts and Rates of Budget Commission

Ordinance 936-21
Tree Maintenance for 2022

Ordinance 935-21
Prohibiting Painting or Tampering with Fire Hydrants

Resolution 934-21
Authorizing Application for Federal or State Funds

Resolution 933-21
Accepting Annexed Land

Resolution 932-21
Approving Combination of Certain Parcels of Property

Ordinance 931-21
Approving, Adopting, Enacting Ohio Basic Code, 2021 Edition

Ordinance 930-21
Adopting Right of Way and Sidewalk Regulations

Resolution 929-21
Accepting Annexed Land

Ordinance 928-21
Supplemental Appropriations

Ordinance 927-21
Amending 2021 Appropriations


Ordinance 926-20
Permanent Appropriations

Resolution 925-20
To Approve Public Defender Services

Ordinance 924-20
Approving Village Solicitor

Ordinance 923-20
Approving Re-plat of Harley Woods Subdivision

Ordinance 922-20
Establishing a Four-Way Stop Sign

Ordinance 921-20
Authorizing Expenditure of Coronavirus Relief Funds

Resolution 920-20
Accepting Amounts and Rates of Budget Commission

Resolution 919-20
Authorizing Participation in Wood County Parks Grant Program

Ordinance 918-20
Supplemental CARES Act Appropriations

Ordinance 917-20
Tree Maintenance for 2021

Ordinance 916-20
Authorizing Creation of Coronavirus Relief Fund

Resolution 915-20
Authorizing Application For Federal & State Funds

Ordinance 914-20
Permitting Sidewalk Cafe-Outdoor Dining Establishments

Resolution 913-20
Municipal Services for Proposed Annexation

Ordinance 912-20
Adopting Records Retention Policy

Ordinance 911-20
Establishing School Zone Traffic Regulations

Ordinance 910-20
Approving, Adopting, Enacting Ohio Basic Code, 2020 Edition

Ordinance 909-20
Amending 2020 Appropriations


Ordinance 908-19
Permanent Appropriations

Ordinance 907-19
Increasing Salary of Fiscal Officer and Zoning Inspector

Ordinance 906-19
Supplemental Appropriations

Ordinance 905-19
Establishing New Water Rates

Resolution 904-19
Accepting Rates and Amounts of Budget Commission

Resolution 903-19
Approving Public Defender Services

Resolution 902-19
Authorizing Participation in Parks Grant Program and Declaring an Emergency

Ordinance 901-19
Special Assessments - Trees

Resolution 900-19
Retain a Temporary Fiscal Officer and Declaring an Emergency

Ordinance 899-19
Approving, Adopting, Enacting Ohio Basic Code


Ordinance 898-18
Permanent Appropriations

Ordinance 897-18
Supplemental Appropriations for 2018

Ordinance 896-18
Ordinance Establishing Net Metering and Billing Policies for Behind the Meter Renewable Generators

Ordinance 895-18
Approving Village Solicitor

Ordinance 894-18
Adopting a Credit Card Use Policy 

Resolution 893-18
Approving Public Defender Services

Resolution 892-18
Adopting the Wood County Hazard Mitigation Plan

Resolution 891-18
Accepting Amounts and Rates Determined by Budget Commission

Ordinance 889-18
Special Assessment for Tree Maintenance 2019

Resolution 890-18
Authorizing Participation in Parks Grant Program

Ordinance 888-18
Supplemental Appropriations

Ordinance 887-18
Water Utility Rates

Ordinance 886-18
To Amend Certain Sections of the Village Income Tax Code

Ordinance 885-18
2018 Amending Tontogany Income Tax Code to Adopt ORC718-80 to 718-95


Ordinance 884-17
2018 Tontogany Permanent Appropriations

Ordinance 883-17
Amending Tontogany Income Tax Ordinance

Resolution 882-17
Public Defender Agreement Renewal for 2018

Ordinance 880-17
Establishing Sidewalk Requirements

Resolution 881-17
Accepting Amounts and Rates

Resolution 878-17
Accepting Acres for Annexation to Village

Ordinance 879-17
Special Assessment for Tree Maintenance 2018

Ordinance 877-17
Water Utility Rates


Ordinance 876-16
Village Solicitor

Resolution 874-16
Municipal Services Proposal - Wolverine Annexation

Ordinance 875-16
2017 Permanent Appropriations

Resolution 871-16
Approving Draft Wood County Solid Waste Management Plan

Ordinance 873-16
Supplemental Appropriation

Ordinance 872-16
Public Defender Agreement

Resolution 870-16
Accepting Amounts and Rates

Ordinance 869-16
Special Assessment - Trees

Ordinance 868-16
Appointment of Reger as Solicitor/Prosecutor

Ordinance 867-16
Appoint Members to Board of Tax Review

Ordinance 866-16
Adopting Ohio Basic Code - 2016 Edition


Ordinance 865-15
Amended Income Tax

Ordinance 864-15
Permanent Appropriations

Ordinance 863-15
Supplemental Appropriation

Ordinance 862-15
Public Defender Agreement

Ordinance 861-15
Amended Income Tax

Resolution 860-15
Acceptance of Amounts and Rates determined by the Budget Commission

Ordinance 859-15
Special Assessment - Trees

Ordinance 858-15
Retaining Matt Reger as Village Solicitor

Ordinance 857-15
Retaining Village Solicitor


Ordinance 856-14
Permanent Appropriations 2015

Resolution 855-14
Renewal of Agreement with Public Defender

Resolution 854-14
Accepting Amounts and Rates Determined by the Budget Commission

Ordinance 853-14
Authorizing Increase of 2014 Appropriations

Resolution 852-14
Authorizing Mayor to apply for Issue I funding

Ordinance 850-14
Appointing Village Prosecutor

Ordinance 851-14
Special Assessments - Trees

The Village of Tontogany has adopted the Ohio Basic Code, published by American Legal Publishing Corporation

Ordinance 849-14
Rescinding Ordinance 253-59 with regard to Peddlers, Solicitors, Canvassers

Ordinance 848-14
Electric Utility Rates

Ordinance 847-14
Amending 807-10 Council Compensation


Ordinance 845-13
Public Defender Agreement Renewal

Ordinance 846-13
Retention of Bamburowski as Village Solicitor for 2014

Ordinance 843-13
Water Rates 2014-2016

Ordinance 844-13
Permanent Appropriations

Ordinance 841-13
Special Assessments for Tree Maintenance - 2014 Tax Year

Ordinance 840-13
Authorizing Investment of Village Funds in CDARs

Ordinance 839-13
Agreement with Public Defender for Indigent Representation and Declaration of Emergency

Ordinance 837-13
Large Commercial Electric Demand Rates (modifies Ordinance 797-09)


Ordinance 834-12
Retaining Solicitor

Ordinance 835-12
Appointing Prosecutor

Ordinance 836-12
Permanent Appropriations

Ordinance 830-12
Special Assessment - Street Lighting

Ordinance 831-12
Special Assessments - Trees


The Village Zoning Inspector is Brian Owens, 419-351-4444.

Zoning Ordinance 737-05
Amending ORD 529-91 - Changing Certain Lot Classifications

Zoning Ordinance 529-91
Comprehensive Zoning Code

Zoning Ordinance 817-11
Mowing of Weeds

Zoning Map

Zoning Certificate Fees

Based on Ordinance 737-05, below are the fees to be collected by the Village of Tontogany Zoning Inspector:

Any single family residential building construction


Residential accessory building, garages, or additions


Industrial or commercial building construction or remodeling




Pools and Ponds


On-site sign - less than 30 sq. ft. $20
On-site sign - 30 to 100 sq. ft. $50
On-site sign - more than 100 sq. ft. $100
Off-site sign - less than 100 sq. ft. $50
Off-site sign - more than 100 sq. ft. $100
Appeals Board Hearing (conditional use permits, variances $200
Zoning Commission Board Hearings (district changes) $200