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Location/mailing address
18545 Main Street
P.O. Box 238
Tontogany, OH 43565

The Village offers two options for building and/or shelterhouse rental.

Centennial Park shelterhouse has numerous picnic tables and benches. There are various pieces of playground equipment, basketball hoops, and more.

The Village Hall has been recently renovated and includes restrooms, air conditioning, kitchen facilities, and tables/chairs. There is yard space west of the building and it is conveniently located near Mehring Park.

Centennial Park Rental

  • Tontogany Residents can reserve for FREE
  • Non-residents are charged $20.00
  • All payments should be made payable to the Village of Tontogany
  • Please contact Councilwoman Brenda Mackey at 419-823-3452 for rental and availability information.
  • If Councilwoman Mackey cannot be reached, the secondary number to call is the Village Hall Office at 419-823-9013.

Village Hall Rental

  • The Village Hall has a capacity to accommodate groups as large as 100 people. It includes updated kitchen facilities and dining tables and chairs.
  • Rent is $65.00 per day, plus a $65.00 refundable deposit, to be paid up front with one check.
  • All payments should be made payable to the Village of Tontogany.
  • A Lease Agreement must be signed by the Village and Lessee. Lease Agreement available here.
  • Please call the Village Office at 419-823-9013 for rental and availability information. The office hours are typically 9 am - 12 pm M-F. If no one is available, please leave a message with contact information. You should also feel free to email us at:

Centennial Park Rental
Councilwoman Brenda Mackey 419-823-3452

Village Hall Rental
Village Hall Office - 419-823-9013